Saturday, March 23, 2013

Goose # 8 and Herald # 3


I just finished my last performance of The Golden Goose. I liked being in the play. I was goose # 8 and Herald # 3 (the Queens Herald, not a guy named Herald.)

I liked being in the play because I had been in A Christmas Carol play before. When you are in a play you get to say stuff to help tell the story.

My line as Goose # 8 was “But still the princess never smiles.”

One of my Herald lines was “Whereas the princess of the realm, my only child, the heiress to all my kingdom, still continues, as from her birth, to suffer melancholy.” (I am quoting the queen.)

I think I will do the school play again next year.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

What I am looking forward to in Cub Scouts.

I am excited to complete all the tasks. At my next pack meeting I will get the Bobcat badge because I have completed all the Bobcat stuff.

Last week we learned how to tie a necktie. I don’t think I remember though, I am really forgetful. For the pack meeting in February we get to go to the fire station and our families can come too. Seeing the fire trucks will be cool.

I am also looking forward to do the safety tasks in my handbook.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I’d be honored

Last week my teacher Mrs. Beavers had a cold. On Monday she asked me if I would read aloud to the class so she could rest her voice. I told her that I would be honored to read for her. So all last week I got to read The Trumpet of the Swan to my class for 20 minutes a day.

Monday, June 4, 2012

What came first the closet or the hanger?

1. Can you tell me who invented hanger and when they first started being used in the general public?

Answer: I do not know who invented hangers. This is what I think.  First someone invented a coat closet.  And then they invented hangers so their wet coats wouldn’t get ruined by being on a wet floor.

2.  What are 10 things you want to do when you grow up?

Answer: 1. Become a detective when I’m 12.     2. Become a teacher when I am 26.     3. Become a scientist when I am 32.   4. Become a storm chaser when I am 20.   5.  Study lots of things.   6. Ride an airplane.    7. Go to another country.    8. Go out in outer space.   9. Go under the ocean in a submarine.  10. Go to a planet we don’t know about yet.

3. What is an “idiom” is and give me three examples?

An idiom is when what you say isn’t what your really talking about.

Hit the nail on the head.  Meaning: When you use a hammer you have to hit the nail right on the head so the it will go straight. So When someone says you hit the nail on the head that means you have said or done something just right. 

Don’t count your chickens before they hatch. Meaning: It means that you shouldn’t act like you have something before you have it.

Land of Nod. Meaning: To be in the “land of Nod” means to be asleep.

4. If the coat closet in your living room opened up to a whole other place, where would you want it to open, and why?

I would want to go to the time of the dinosaurs, right before dark. Because I want to see a real live Pterandon. I would want it to be right before dark because T-rexs are diurnal (that means they are awake in the day) and they get sleepy right before dark.

Thanks for the questions Darcy. I have some for your Darcy board. Here they are.

1. If there was such thing as a magic tree house and it could take you to any place and time where would you go? I would want to go way back in time to when the earth was formed.

2. If would want to go to another planet or moon or dwarf planet where would you go? Just so you know there are 6 dwarf planets.

3. If you went under water wish fish would you expect to see?

4. If it were possible to fly how many feet will you be able to fly?

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Who needs toys when you have a plastic hanger?

It really bugs my Aunt Darcy that I won’t tell her why I love hangers so much. But the truth is I don’t know why. Maybe it is the way they flip so easily between my fingers. Maybe it is because with a little imagination they can be anything I went them to be.  Maybe I feel bad for plastic hangers, because they would just get thrown away if I didn’t play with them. Whatever the reason really is all I can say is that a plastic hanger is the best toy ever.


My hanger and I at the top of the Y.


My hanger and I checking out a car museum.


My hanger an I Christmas morning.


My hanger an I at a park with mom.


My hanger and I on my birthday.


Parker, Kathryn, my hanger and me.


My hanger and I standing on mom.

hanger 4

My hanger an I stuck behind the couch.

janfambirthday party16

My hanger and I meeting a snake.


My hanger and I eating cake.


My hanger an I trick-or-treating.


Me and my hanger. The perfect combination.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

The American Revolution

We studied the American Revolution in school. This is what I learned.

A long time ago America was ruled by England. England is in Europe, in the United Kingdom. America was made of 13 colonies, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts were some of them. Then America and England had a war called the Revolutionary War. That’s when the American Revolution started. America was mad at England, because they did not like British rule.

America thought the laws were not fair and thought they paid to many taxes. Some Americans threw boxes of valuable tea in the the Boston Harbor. That was called the Boston tea party. America wanted to have independence. America won its independence. After the American Revolution the people still had to pay taxes but they didn’t drink tea anymore.

George Washington knew it would not be easy to win the war. But they won. Benjamin Franklin was George Washington’s friend. He had invented the lightning rod and the bifocal glasses. My Baha wears bifocal glasses. Benjamin Franklin was also the inventor of the saying “A penny saved is a penny earned.” Thomas Jefferson was the author of the declaration of Independence. Jefferson was George Washington’s second friend. Visitors in Washington D.C. can see the Declaration of Independence. In the fourth of July in 1776 America became the United States, America was no longer ruled by England. Instead of a king they had presidents. George Washington was the first president. He was a good president.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tooth Fairy

The Tooth Fairy has never been to my house. Every time I have lost a tooth I have been somewhere else.  This time it was at my Baha’s house when we were there for Christmas.

I had two loose teeth when we went up to Moses Lake for Christmas. My mom told me that I should let Baha pull them because she would probably give me two dollars for each tooth. I wouldn’t let her though. I like to wait until they are super loose and practically fall out on there own.

One tooth fell out while I was eating breakfast at Baha’s. We put it in a bag a left it on the counter. I was going to put it under my pillow that night. But some how it got lost while the kitchen was being cleaned up. I was really worried because I thought that if I didn’t have my tooth that the tooth fairy wouldn’t come. So I wrote her a note, it went like this.

Dear Tooth Fairy,

    I lost my tooth because Bapa accidently threw it away. Will you still leave me a surprise?

   love, Stephen

I left the note under my pillow and it worked! The Tooth Fairy left me 8 quarters. The next night Parker tackled me and knocked my other loose tooth out. I got 8 more quarters from the Tooth Fairy.

Mom took a picture of me right after I lost my second tooth at Baha’s house.


I have two more loose teeth right now. I wonder if the Tooth Fairy will ever get a chance to come to my house.